Ying Yang Sticks & Finding Your Fortune

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If you wish to learn your fortune by your self and following a Chinese method, the yin yang sticks might be the best choice. These sticks allow you to find your fortune in a fun and easy way, without having to ask anyone else for help. By using them, you can learn your fortune at any moment you wish, by your self or with friends and anywhere as well.

Yin yang sticks come in a group of eight and with a guidance book. This way, you can tell your self your fortune regarding anything you might wish to know, as many times as you wish. Besides this, you can also help your friends and tell them their fortunes as well and spend a nice time together.

The eight yin yang sticks represent the different elements and this is what the fortune they tell is based on. The right way for you to know your fortune is by picking up two sticks and reading what the guidance book says about the combination of sticks you have randomly chosen.

There are sixty four possible combinations of different groups of two yin yang sticks you can chose. This way, the answers you will receive each time you pick up two sticks is very specific and might allow you to learn your fortune with precision. You just need to be relaxed and focused on what you wish to know and the sticks will guide you about it. It is very important that you are focused since if you are thinking of something else than what you wish to learn, the sticks would not be able to tell you your fortune properly.

The guidance book, also called the oracle book, allows you to read the exact answer for each one of the sixty four possible combinations. You should always make sure you receive your guidance book with your yin yang sticks at the moment you buy them. Besides this, some stores that sell the sticks would also offer you a free Chinese natal chart with them, so you should also ask for this when buying your sticks.