Ying House Feng Shui

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While Yang House feng shui is the most usual feng shui most people know, occupied on how to harmonize living people houses, Yin House feng shui is about providing the right house for those who have deceased. The person’s harmony after death is as important as it was when he was alive since future of his descendants depends on it.

Yin House feng shui takes care on all details regarding where and how will a person be buried, since this can have very important effects on those he has left behind. When a person is not correctly buried according to Yin House feng shui guidelines, this brings disgrace to his relatives.

According to Yin House feng shui, depending on how a person is buried, as much as three generations after him can suffer the consequences. Therefore, it is very usual in Chinese culture that a feng shui master is called when a relative dies in order to provide the proper advice.

The first thing to take into account at the time to decide where to bury a person is the environment. A Yin House feng shui expert would recognize the best environment depending on mountains, rivers, lakes, vegetation and everything else that can interfere such as the climate.

After the proper place is chosen, Yin House feng shui indicates how the buried person’s orientation should be as well. In order to avoid future disgrace for the new generations, a person should be buried in a specific orientation, with feet pointing to a certain direction.

Besides, Yin House feng shui also teaches that the bury date should be strategically chosen. Not all days are right for burying different people, it must be in harmony with the person’s natal Chinese astrology chart. The person’s astral sign should be compatible with the sign of the burying day.

These Yin House feng shui guidelines have been followed in the Chinese culture from ancient times. According to them, many times when a deceased isn’t properly buried, all the predicted disgraces were seen on his descendants. Therefore, in that part of the world it is usual to find masters who have learnt in depth how to properly bury a person and avoid those consequences.