Why Its Important To Feng Shui Your Car

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Even though many people don’t have it into account at the time of applying feng shui principles for their spaces, very often cars are a very important environment where we spend more time than we might realize. Therefore, it is highly recommendable that you feng shui your car along with your house and any other living or working space where you are used to spend an important amount of time.

People unconsciously tend to see our cars as an image of our personalities as well as they can’t avoid associating the chi energy of our car with ourselves. Actually, there is some truth in that, since the chi that flows within our car is created by the elements it contains, and those elements depend on us for being balanced or not as well as they affect us accordingly to their positive or negative qualities and chi.

It is very important that you maintain your car clean. A dirty car would reject the positive flow of chi and that could highly affect you as well as your driving capabilities. You should not only keep its exterior clean but also its interior; your car should be free of clutter in order to allow chi flow freely and positively. This way, by keeping your car clean and free of unnecessary objects, the proper flow of chi would not only positively affect your personality but also help you while driving.

Another important thing to have into account regarding the relationship between cars and feng shui is the way that the place you park your car affects your house harmony. Depending on where your garage is located within your house, your car could affect your house balance and energy positively or negatively. You can find this by locating the garage according to the bagua map and finding out which is the main element of that particular area.

Once you have found in which bagua map area your garage is located and know which the main element of that spot is, you should look for the proper balance between your car metal and that area element. A car is ideal for a place which should contain metal, but it can be terrible for an area represented by wood or fire. If your garage is placed at a wood area, you should make wood as strong as possible by adding as much of it as you can along with water which would nourish it. On the other hand, if your garage is at a fire area, you should have water within that area as well as have a red car which would not contradict fire and therefore minimize the problems born from their antagonism.