When To Do A Feng Shui Space Clearing

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A space clearing is a process which should be followed in order to clean the Chi of an environment if it is bad or to change it in case it became inactive. The way in which chi energy flows within a house has a direct influence on the people who live in it. Therefore, it is very important that the chi of any house or environment is positive and flows with agility.

Whenever the chi within an environment becomes inactive it will become reflected on those who live by making them feel constantly tired, depressed or in a bad mood. These effects would affect all aspects of the person’s life, including his family life, career, and health among many other things.

In order to avoid the effects which bad or inactive chi can cause on us, we should do a space clearing. According to feng shui, the first step you should follow to do a space clearing is actually to clean the house as thoroughly as possible. Secondly, you should make sure to add the following four elements within the environment you wish to clear: water, fire by placing candles or something which symbolizes it, earth represented by plants or crystals, and air by using incenses or music.

There are some specific cases in which a space clearing is highly recommended. If you are moving to a new house, you should clear the house’s chi in order to make sure it is new, clean, positive and free of any negative factors which the last inhabitants might have left. Also, whenever someone overcomes a health problem it is recommendable to do a space clearing in order to make sure that the negative chi which accompanies illness is eliminated.

In any cases in which people tends to be in conflict or have arguments very often, whether it is in a home, a working place or any other environment, space clearings might be the solution. If, for example, some of the members of a family can not get along well or have a conflictive relationship, a space clearing could be a great help.