When To Carry A Feng Shui Travel Kit

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If you are going to travel and wish to go accompanied by the feng shui help and protection, you can easily do so by carrying a feng shui travel kit with you. This travel kits are ideal for those who wish to apply the feng shui principles to the vehicle in which they will travel or to carry protective feng shui elements with themselves.

You can create it your self or acquire it from a feng shui store since some of them offer very complete travel kit ready for the client to use. If you wish to create it yourself, you can easily do so by following some guidelines as well as you can do it by using your own creativity and following your own needs.

There are a few objects which most feng shui travel kits contain. One of them is a protective feng shui amulet. There are many different feng shui lucky charms which provide protection to those who carry them and you should choose one of them in order to take it with you while you travel. Besides, if you are going to travel in your own car, you should first check it follows the main feng shui guidelines and the elements it contains are in harmony.

Another important object which most feng shui travel kits contain is a red cloth or ribbon. Color red, and especially red clothes or ribbons bring good luck and are very auspicious for those who carry them, which makes them ideal for travelers. If you do not have any red cloth to carry, you can carry a red ribbon in your pocket or tied to any other object you might take with your self.

You might also wish to add a dragon lucky charm to your travel kit due to the great amount of positive energy it brings. Dragons are highly auspicious to those who carry them as well as they are one of the most protective amulets a traveler could have. If you wish to carry few things with you, you can choose a dragon amulet and be protected by it without carrying many other objects.