What Is A Feng Shui Cure Based On?

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A feng shui cure is what must be done when a specific flow of chi or energy must be dispersed or given a new direction. Feng shui cure is a very important and traditional concept for feng shui which has been used since ancient times in China. There are many different kinds of feng shui cures and different views on them as well.

There is a more modern feng shui cure school and one strictly based on the traditional cures. The feng shui cure you choose might vary according to this, and is important to say that the traditional feng shui does not support some of the newest cures as well. Feng shui cures, such as the ones based on mirrors, are viewed in different ways by the different feng shui schools of knowledge.

Among what the new feng shui schools teach is a mirror based feng shui cure. According to this, the way you place a mirror can help you fixing several different chi flow problems. For example, when an object that you can’t move should be placed at a different spot than where it is, you can put the mirror where the object should be and facing that object in order to have its reflection representing it.

Another feng shui cure kind is the one based on crystals. Crystals’ based feng shui cure is usually used according to where you place the crystal and using it in order to disperse a specific flow of chi. Crystals are also often used according to their shape and color as symbolizing elements since each element can be represented by colors and by shapes as well.

According to the most traditional feng shui schools, a mirror or crystal feng shui cure wouldn’t have an effect by the way it is thought, but only according to the elements by which these objects are made of, since what disperses or re directs chi are the elements. The five traditional feng shui elements are what must be used and taken into account in order to achieve a feng shui cure and change the chi within any space.