What Are The Four Pillars In Feng Shui?

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The four pillars are based on our birth date and provide important feng shui related information. The day, month and year we were born are determinative to many important characteristics which will accompany us in our lives as well as in our interrelation with the others. Therefore, these pillars are a base for Chinese predictions such as those given by astrologers and fortune tellers.

These pillars allow astrologers to know under which element a person was born as well as if they belong to the yin or yang group. These aspects can be very useful for us to know since they could allow us balancing and energizing the proper elements within our environment as well as it would allows us having a better understanding of our relationships and the way our lives develop.

In order to reach this information, Chinese astrologers have to go through complicated calculations which take them a very specific preparation. Due to this, it is difficult to find a person who is able to calculate our four pillars and provide us with the correct information about them. Therefore, if you are looking for a person who is able to find your four pillars, you should be careful of finding someone who has the proper preparation for it and doesn’t give you the wrong information. If you are given four pillars information that isn’t really yours, it might end up causing you more problems than you thought, since you would energize the elements within your house in a wrong basis.

Each one of the four pillars has a direct relation with two elements. Therefore, the elements will affect us in eight different ways and according to our personal data. If you are not able to find a Chinese astrologer or a person who is qualified for finding your four pillars, then you should balance the elements within your house only according to the compass and bagua map indications, along with your personal kua based information. You shouldn’t follow information about four pillars that you are not sure it is properly calculated than following it and loosing balance.