What Are The Eight Immortals In Feng Shui

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The eight immortals is a very famous Chinese legendary group. They are very famous in China where most people know about them and their stories as well as their symbolism are considered to be very helpful and powerful. They are often depicted together as a group as well as separately.

Composed by six men and two men, the eight immortals group brings prosperity and good fortune to those who keep their images with themselves or in their houses. They are also helpful for achieving goals and being successful, which makes them ideal for being placed in the office or working space.

The first immortal of the group is the one known as Chang Kuo Lao or Zuang Guolao. Chang Kuo Lao is an old man who is always represented next to a donkey, usually with drumsticks. The legend says that while he didn’t need to travel, he would fold his donkey just like a paper and keep it in his wallet. The second immortal is Chung Li Chuan, a famous bared belly fat man who carries a fan and is known to be the Immortals chief.

Han Hsiang Tsu is the third immortal and is known to be the happier one. He is represented playing a flute and the legend says he had the power to calm animals with his music and make flowers bloom when he wished. The fourth immortal is Ho Hsien Ku, one of the two females. She is represented carrying a Lotus flower known to be magical. The next immortal is the second woman of the group, called Lan Tsai Ho, who wears a ragged blue robe and one show, and carries a flowers basket with herself.

The sixth immortal is Li Tieh Kuai. He is represented as a beggar who carries a gourd with himself. The next immortal is Lu Tung Pin who carries a magical sword used to kill demons. The legend says that Lu Tung Pin has been traveling around the world for four centuries killing demons and dragons. The last immortal is Tsao Kuo Chiu. This immortal is formally dressed, and is known to be the most elegant immortal.