Using The Eight Mangions Formula In Feng Shui

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The eight mansions formula provides information about which directions are favorable and which are unfavorable for a person’s goals and activities. It is one of the most important feng shui tools, since it can provide information that is specific for each person and place.

According to the eight mansions formula, each person has eight directions affecting their life areas, four of them in a favorable way and the other four unfavorably. This information is based on our kua number and therefore it is adapted to each one of us and our personal characteristics.

The four favorable directions indicated by the eight mansions formula correspond to success, health, relationships and wisdom. Depending on your kua number, each one of these aspects will be most favorable to you at one specific orientation. On the other hand, the four unfavorable directions are: obstacles, insecurity, diseases and career problems.

Therefore, if your kua number is 4 and your success direction is north, you can place your desk in that orientation and improve your career. Or, if you need help overcoming an illness and your health direction is south, you can place a lucky charm specific for that purpose in that place, such as a wo lou or guard.

On the other hand, you can also improve your life by avoiding your unfavorable directions and the bad effects caused by them. This way, if your insecurity orientation is west, you should avoid being in that direction whenever you are involved in an activity in which security plays an important role. Or, if your disease orientation is northeast, you should avoid having your bed in that area as well as place balancing elements and cures at it.

By knowing your eight mansions formula directions you can improve your life quality along with your personal feng shui harmony. This would allow you to maximize the four favorable areas by following the proper orientations as well as avoid the unfavorable ones. Therefore, if you are wishing to follow feng shui guidelines within your house, you can personalize and customize its principles by applying them according to your personal information and directions.