Using Calabash According To Feng Shui Guidelines

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A feng shui calabash is an object similar to a bottle which is made of calabash fruit. Nowadays, feng shui calabashes are such by their shape and they are not only made of calabash anymore, you can find them of almost anything you can think of, from jade to glass, metal or porcelain.

The feng shui calabash is also known as bottle gourd and it is called Hu-lu in Chinese. It was born from a medicine related tradition by which Chinese doctors would carry their medicines in it. This made calabashes become traditionally associated with healing and health in general.

According to Chinese mythology, Nu-Wo and Fu-Yi were able to create the Chinese race by escaping the Great Flood in a calabash shaped boat. This is the first calabash symbolism which can be found in the Chinese culture. From this legend, calabashes symbolize and represent fertility.

Feng shui calabashes’ main symbolism and use comes from its association with health and indicates them to be among the most appropriate objects to help people healing. When a person has a disease, feng shui recommends hanging a calabash in the room the person is, near the door or by the person’s bed. This would maintain the bad energy which affects health away from the person.

The calabash material is a very important factor to have into account and you should pay special attention to it at the time of choosing one. The most recommendable calabashes are those made of or representing one of the five main elements: wood, water, metal, earth and fire. You can place a calabash in a particular place according to the elements needed combined with calabashes healing and fertility symbolism.

The calabash material generally recommended by feng shui is the metal one. According to feng shui, metal lessens earth power, and earth is what can be a disease cause according to the flying stars and its bagua map location. Besides, the shape of a calabash is compared to an animal with fat body and narrow mouth which can trap bad energy without it being able to escape.