Useful Feng Shui Tips For Your Classroom

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Whether you are a teacher or you are any other person looking for classroom feng shui tips which help you to place the classroom elements in the most harmonic way, then you should read the next few lines. We intend to provide you with some useful classroom feng shui guidelines and help you create the best learning space possible.

The main thing you should have into account when it comes to classroom feng shui is what does the bagua map tell you about it. As with any other space, the bagua map gives you the main indications on how to harmonize the elements and furniture within it, and you should always consider what it tells you at the time to place desks, boards or any furniture.

Once you have discovered how the bagua map and the different areas it shows are distributed within the classroom, then you should work on each one of those areas according to what it needs in order to be in harmony. You should pay special attention to the way the five elements (wood, water, earth, fire and metal) are organized within your classroom space according to the bagua map as well.

A very important classroom feng shui guideline indicates how to place the desks within the classroom. If you can decide how to place and distribute the desks in the classroom, you should place them lined at the same way the octagonal bagua map shape does. If you are able to distribute the desks as an octagon following the bagua map position that would highly harmonize the classroom.

In case you can not distribute desks in an open minded way, and you have to keep them in rows, you still can have a classroom feng shui organized by placing the other objects according to the bagua map indications. You can place significant objects and elements on the walls and by the different bagua map areas.

Another thing you should do in order to follow classroom feng shui guidelines is to use a feng shui compass and use the information it gives you. The feng shui compass would provide you with very useful information regarding the classroom\’s eight directions and orientation.