Twin Lo Shu and Chinese Tradition

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The mighty twin lo shu is a very symbolic Chinese item which carries an important amount of tradition and history as well. This oriental article represents richness, wealth and prosperity as well as authority and power among other things. It is often recommended by oriental consultants and feng shui practitioners whenever wealth, prosperity or leadership is needed.

According to Chinese traditions, the mighty twin lo shu was originated when a flood brought the dragon head tortoise to the water surface. This tortoise had the Lo Shu squares or flying stars magically drawn on its back, and this made it turn into a heavenly and legendary creature. This Lo Shu squares or flying stars are a great source of information and wisdom and they are in which a great amount of ancient Chinese and feng shui knowledge are based on.

This way, the Lo shu turtle symbolizes the eight different aspects of human life which the flying stars represent which are seen as blessings. Some of these blessings are protection, power, abundance and wealth. This way, the turtle and the mighty twin lo shu carries a great amount of symbolism regarding all life areas, and therefore it can help its owner improving its life in general besides than the specific areas in which it has a stronger influence.

The mighty twin lo shu is represented by two lo shu turtles which work as a team. One of these turtles is depicted carrying coins on its sides which represent wealth and richness. The other turtle also carries ancient coins as well as a Ru Yi scepter which symbolizes power and authority. Therefore, when they are together as the mighty twin lo shu they symbolize wealth, richness, prosperity, authority and leadership as a unity.

This ancient Chinese and feng shui item is ideal for placing it in a business or office to which its owner wishes to attract power and prosperity. It is also suitable for homes as well as for being carried as a lucky charm and helps its owner having authority and power at any moment he might need it.