Tong Shu & Complex Calculations

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The tong shu is a Chinese almanac which provides information regarding which dates are favorable and which unfavorable for different purposes. This almanac is annual and allows people to plan their activities according to the most promising dates. This allows maximizing the possibility of receiving a good outcome from any activity.

This ancient Chinese almanac allows people to discover with precision the best day and even hour for every purpose. But receiving this information is not such an easy thing to do. Actually, specialized people have to do very complex calculations in order to receive this accurate numbers.

Being able to do the tong shu almanac calculations takes a very important amount of knowledge and preparation. People must attend special classes for a long time in order to understand how it works, and sometimes they even have to continue learning through many years.

Actually, it takes the wisest Chinese Masters to be able to do and teach the most complex tong shu calculations. And once they are ready, these numbers and dates are of a high importance and offer very valuable information regarding any future activity or purpose. The quality of the information those numbers bring makes the calculations effort worth it for those who have to do them.

For some Chinese Masters and people in general, some tong shu aspects are more superstitious than based on facts. Aspects such as advice on dates offering higher chances for conceiving a girl or a boy are believed to be superstitions more than real tong shu calculations.

But an important part of the information given by tong shu is known to be highly reliable and based on facts. Besides, it counts with an important amount of tradition and ancient Chinese knowledge supporting it as well as it is partly based on science using mathematics and numbers for the information it gives.

Tong shu is very often used as a feng shui guidance tool. The tong shu is sometimes used for feng shui practitioners in order to receive accurate information regarding specific environments and purposes. Asian feng shui practitioners always have it into account and use its information as guidance at the moment of applying feng shui principles to any space.