The Xuan Kong & The Classical Feng Shui System

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Xuan Kong or Shu en Kong is a system which belongs to classical feng shui and is followed by many feng shui practitioners. Some other important feng shui tools and techniques, such as the flying stars, are descendant from this system. Therefore, we can see the Xuan Kong system as the father of many feng shui tools, techniques and applications.

There are many important formulas which belong to the Xuan Kong feng shui system and allow it to study and diagnose the lands and the way in which the Chi flow impacts each specific environment or space. The flying stars feng shui, which were originated by this system, are one of its main and most valuable tools. The flying stars are used by experienced feng shui practitioners all the time in order to reach important calculations and data which allow them to balance and harmonize spaces.

Although the Xuan Kong system is widely known and followed by the oriental cultures, it is still not so much known in the western world. Despite of this, most of its tools and techniques are well known and used by feng shui practitioners of all parts of the world, and many times they are used in such a combination which is like using the Xuan Kong system without being aware of it.

The Xuan Kong feng shui system combines and uses many feng shui techniques in a complementary way. This combination of tools allow practitioners to have a very complete report on the way in which the land, the elements, and the chi flow work within each space as well as on how they impact on each other.

According to some feng shui Masters, the term Xuan Kong can be translated as “the inexplicable and empty”, and according to some others it would mean “the mysterious hidden details”. No matter what its translation is, this system is the same for all practitioners and based on the same specific tools. It uses many different formulas which depend on numbers and symbols as well as it is based on the bagua map and its indications.