The Rooster Of Fidelity & Marital Loyalty

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The rooster of fidelity is a very important Chinese symbol of marital loyalty. This item represents and strengthens conjugal bonds and is used by Chinese and oriental cultures all over the world as well as recommended by feng shui practitioners and consultants in order to help their clients overcoming marital obstacles.

This Chinese animal can help couples reinforce their relationships and fix them if they are going through a bad moment. If the love which two people feel for each other and their faithfulness seems in risk, the rooster of fidelity could be a great help. Feng shui practitioners often recommend people who seems to have marital problems or are going through obstacles to place a statue or picture of the Rooster of fidelity in their homes since it would help them getting rid of the bad chi which causes such difficulties.

Whenever a person feels like the other person might be unfaithful to them and wishes to solve it, the rooster of fidelity could help him achieving it. This symbolic animal can help people ending up with any unfaithful relationship as well as solve the couple problems which might have lead to such situation.

The rooster of fidelity should be placed at the house main door facing towards the exterior of the building. This way, this symbolic animal wouldn’t let any problem of unfaithfulness to become a menace for the house and its inhabitants as well as it would help the couple solving and overcoming the problem. If you place it looking towards the interior of the house it would focus on helping any relationship problem which doesn’t involve a person from the exterior of the house, therefore, if you wish it to help you unfaithfulness related problems it must be facing outside the house.

This creature is usually depictured looking angry and ferocious which is meant to maintain unfaithful affairs away from the house in which it is. It also has sharp claws and shiny feathers which give it an appearance of power and strength that helps him fighting against disloyalty related bad energies.