The Relationship Between Feng Shui & Religion

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Some people tend to mix feng shui with the concept of a religion, thinking of feng shui as a religion which could even be in contradiction with their own. This is a misconception; feng shui is not a religion and is not based on pure faith. Religion and feng shui can go together without contradicting each other.

Religion and feng shui have different bases. Religion is based on faith, while feng shui is based on facts and rational observance of the nature and the way its elements behave. Feng shui provides rational knowledge and guidelines based on the nature and on physics laws.

Feng shui does not depend on belief in order to work and produce its effects, no mater what the person’s beliefs are if he follows feng shui guidelines and applies them to his life he will receive the effects of it. Religion depends on each person’s different faith and point of view.

Religion is generally based on the belief of a divine intelligence, while feng shui is based on nature. Religion and help can go together, a person doesn’t need to choose between them but can follow them both. Feng shui offers help regarding our problems and what causes them, and we can use its help along with the one provided by religion letting their help complement each other.

Feng shui doesn’t intend to be a religion and it doesn’t contradict a person’s beliefs either. Feng shui is based on providing help on how to better balance the elements surrounding us and all that depends on us. Feng shui can be rationally explained and proven through its effects and the natural laws it is based on.

Feng shui and religion shouldn’t be seen as contradictory concepts. They can exist in one same person and help him without causing contradictions. Their help are of different kind and come from different sources. Religious help is based on faith while feng shui is based on natural laws, therefore they are different and can coexist in one and same person.