The Phoenix Fan & Its Symbolism

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Fans are an important distinctive of the Chinese culture which are traditionally used not only with practical purposes but according to symbolisms as well. Chinese fans show traditional drawings which represent different objects and elements very symbolic to the oriental culture.

The phoenix is not only symbolic for the Chinese culture but it is a symbolic and mythic creature known for many cultures around the world. Therefore, whenever this creature is depicted it will represent the same things and elements for those who see it no matter which culture they come from.

According to mythic stories, the phoenix died and then rose from its own ashes. This way, the main aspect which a phoenix symbolizes for those who see it is immortality. Besides, and due to the way it could come back from death, it also represents health, strength and power. Therefore, a phoenix is a very symbolic mythic creature which carries a very powerful meaning due to the fact that it can be easily understood by people from many different cultures.

In feng shui, a phoenix is often used whenever a person wishes to improve his health. This is done by placing the phoenix by the person’s bed or at the house spot which his health personal kua number indicates. The phoenix is also recommended by feng shui practitioners whenever a person lacks self confidence and wishes to improve his power and strength. In order to achieve this, the person should carry a phoenix lucky charm with him and allow it to help him at any situation which involves self confidence and strength.

This way, a phoenix fan combines the symbolism of the two elements which compose it and together make a very powerful object. Keeping a phoenix fan would allow its owner to improve his own power and strength at the time of facing problems. This object would also help its owner improving his health or maintaining it in case it is good. A phoenix fan is a great object to give as a present since it is practical at the same time than it carries an important amount of symbolism and is a very auspicious gift to receive.