The Pa Kua: A Symbol Of The Universe

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The pa kua is an eight sided picture which, according to feng shui, symbolizes the universe aspects and in which the feng shui bagua map is based on. Each one of the pa kua’s eight sides corresponds to a different aspect and area of life. Sometimes, the bagua map adds a ninth life area located at the center of the pa kua diagram. Some feng shui masters use the original pa kua diagram while some others use the bagua map, but as long as the bagua map is correct and completely based on the pa kua then it is almost the same following one or the other.

This eight sided diagram is used by feng shui for locating the different house zones that have major influence in each area of our lives. In order to find out where these areas are located within your house or any other or any other space, you should place the pa kua diagram over the place’s map. You can also find out where each are by looking at the pa kua and walking around the house, but with a map you would receive more accurate information.

The eight life areas represented in the pa kua are prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships and love, family, creativity and children, helpful people and travel, and skills and knowledge. The ninth life area added in the bagua map is health and it is located in the middle of the diagram. These life areas are called houses in the ancient Chinese pa kua map, and each one of them is supposed to be the home of those different main aspects that are part of our lives.

Each one of the eight pa kua’s edges contains a group of three lines, some of them continuous and some of them broken in two. These three lines are combined differently for each pa kua edge and each one of those combinations symbolizes each house. The Chinese denominations for those trigrams are: north is K’an, northwest is Chien, west is Tui, southwest is K’un, south is Li, southeast is Sun, east is Chen, and northeast is Ken. Each one of these Chinese denominations is equal to its correspondent bagua map life area.