The JY San Yuan Luo Pan In Chinese Culture

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The JY San Yuan luo pan is a complete feng shui tool which contains almost everything that a San Yuan feng shui practitioner might need. The JY in its name is due to its creator, Joey Yap. Joey Yap is a successful Chinese and feng shui consultant who has founded the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics as well as a consulting company.

This San Yuan luo pan tool was thought for those feng shui practitioners who need to have all their tools combined into one. This way, the JY San Yuan luo pan is a very practical and convenient tool for a practitioner who uses many different tools in his consultations. This luo pan tool is used by many feng shui practitioners who are very happy about it and its efficiency and, if you wish, you can learn more about what they think by doing some research on the Internet.

The JY San Yuan luo pan allows its users to do their practices with flying stars, sixty four hexagrams, English translations for the twenty four mountains, the twenty four seasons and the early and later Heaven bagua. As you can see, this luo pan is ideal for a San Yuan feng shui practitioner due to the tools it offers.

Besides its practical aspect, this luo pan also has the advantage of being made of quality materials. Whenever a practitioner buys a luo pan, its quality and accuracy is one of his main concerns, since a lack of those advantages would become reflected on the success of his feng shui practices. The tools a feng shui practitioner uses must be chosen very carefully since they must allow him to trust in them and in the results and numbers they give.

This luo pan was also thought in order to allow its owners to use it without difficulty and make their work easier. The feng shui formulas and calculations are very simplified and easy to read. The JY San Yuan luo pan is sold with a black bag in which its user can carry it as well as it works as a protection from the damages which the environment might cause.