The JY San He Luo Pan In Chinese Culture

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The JY San He luo pan is a tool made for all the San He feng shui practitioners who need an accurate tool which combines all the different formulas and instruments they need to use. The JY San He luo pan was created in order to satisfy the San He practitioners’ needs regarding feng shui tools and their applications. Very often feng shui practitioners have to consult different sources and formulas spread in different tools in order to receive the information they need; and this is what the JY San He luo pan intends to help them avoiding.

This tool combines all the San He luo pan functions and feng shui needs which you might need. It is made of good and reliable materials in order to allow its owner to rely on it and its results, rather than having to check on them and make sure they are correct. It looks for providing accuracy in the results and being easy to employ.

The JY San He luo pan allows you to measure the land and its forms, to check on the water and to learn about incoming dragons. It is user friendly and allows to read information such as the before mentioned and any other you might need without difficulty.

This feng shui tool also allows you to employ formulas such as the five ghost carry treasure and the expanding and contracting dragons among many others. You can also read some of the rings in English, such as the later heaven bagua, the twenty four mountains, and the twenty four seasons. You might be able to find many other functions and formulas in this feng shui tool since it looks for fulfilling all the needs which a San He feng shui practitioner might have.

The JY San He luo pan is usually sold with a carrier bag which allows you to carry it as well as to protect it. This bag also contains some compartments in its interior which allow you to carry notes in it. The JY San He luo pan feng shui tool was created by the founder of Yap Global Consulting and the Mastery Academy of Chinese metaphysics Joey Yap.