The Great Dharani and Karma Mantra

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The great dharani is a mantra that must be chanted and repeated many times. We can find the origins of the great dharani in the times with Buddha. There is a story which explains the origins of the great dharani and in which cases it should be used and chanted.

It is said that, during Buddha’s days, a monkey became unhappy and worried due to having broken the precepts. This caused the monkey to constantly think of what he had done and being concerned about it all the time. This way, his past mistake became an obstacle for the monkey’s present life, causing him permanent worry and troubles.

When the monkey went to Buddha for help, Buddha explained him that all depends on the mind, and he could change his karma by clearing his thoughts and letting his worries go away. IF the monkey kept thinking of his mistake and what he had done wrong, the problem would remain with him and would keep causing him further mistakes and problems.

In order to help the monkey get rid of his worries and clean his karma, Buddha gave him the great dharani and told him to chant it in a repeated and constant way. This way, the monkey could clear his mind by repeating the great dharani mantra instead of thinking of his mistake.

As we can see, the great dharani has a direct relationship with karma. According to Buddhism, the great dharani can help us cleaning our karma and make us focus on positive things by allowing us to forget about those things which worry us and cause us problems. This way, whenever we need to forget about something which worries us too much, we can do it by chanting the great dharani.

According to the indications which Buddhism gives, the great dharani must be repeated many times in a constant way in order to be able to produce the desired effects on us. Chanting the great dharani a couple of times wouldn’t be enough; it is a mantra and as such must be repeated until it allows us to clear our mind of any other thoughts.