The Four Pillars Of Destiny

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The four pillars of destiny is one of the main feng shui techniques used by some of its classical schools in order to learn useful information regarding people and their relationship with their environment. The four pillars of destiny is somehow similar to the occidental birth chart since it provides personal information based on the person’s time and place of birth.

This technique allows us to have a birth chart which is based on four pillars. These four pillars are made of four stems and four branches, and each one of them is based on the person’s birth information. The first one of these four main pillars is the year pillar which provides information regarding the person’s family background and his relationship with the society in general.

Secondly, the month pillar provides information about the person’s childhood and his relationship with his parents. In third place comes the day pillar which lets the person know about his relationship with his spouse as well as with partners. And, in fourth place comes the hour pillar providing information regarding the person’s career as well as about his relationship with children.

This way, the technique of the four pillars of destiny allows its users to learn information about the different aspects of his life. By properly applying and following this method, a person can know more about his relationships with parents, superiors, children, spouse, siblings, friends, and every other kind of bonds. It can also let him learn more about his career and guide him about how to succeed in his professional life. It also allows us to know which is an ideal moment for us to do something or which of our skills should we pay more attention to.

A very important aspect of the four pillars of destiny is that it also allows us to learn more about our health and how to improve it. It can give us information regarding which of our organs are the most vulnerable to become ill and to which we should pay special attention and have medical revisions more often than we do with others.