The Flying Star Feng Shui Concept

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The flying star feng shui definition is based on a nine numbers diagram made on what is known as the Lo Shu magic square. These flying star feng shui diagram numbers were, in their origins and mythic aspect, written on a Chinese turtle’s back. It is an ancient theory based on a sign provided by the nature.

The nine flying star feng shui numbers change and rotate according to the hour, day, month, year, and every each twenty year period as well. This makes that the arrangement of numbers change all the time according to those cycles and to what the numbers indicate. These numbers also indicate different orientations and basic elements.

Another important thing regarding the flying star feng shui numbers diagram is that each one of the numbers has a color representing it and naming it. The number-color relation is as follows: Number one is white, two is black, three and four are green, five is yellow, six is white, seven is red, eight is white and nine is purple.

This way, you can acquire a flying star feng shui symbol which represents its color. Feng shui flying stars can be symbolized by many different objects, varying and being chosen according to their shapes, colors and materials. There are objects specifically meant for this, such as the Wo Lou, and you can also find many other different objects symbolizing feng shui flying stars as well.

Among the objects you could use in order to apply the flying star feng shui indications, there are from wind chimes or fountains to zodiacal flying star symbols. You should choose these objects based mainly according to their colors and elements since these aspects are specifically indicated by the flying star feng shui diagram.

By combining bagua map indications and the flying star feng shui concept, you can discover great ways to harmonize any space. This would also allow you to achieve a proper balance and equilibrium among the basic elements within any specific space, whether it is an office, a house, a garden or any other place.