The Feng Shui Trinity Of Luck: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck & Man Luck

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According to feng shui and Chinese traditions, there is a trinity of luck which describes the kind of life and success each one of us has. The trinity of luck is composed by the Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck and the Man Luck, and these three areas cover three main different aspects which should ideally be in balance in order for us to have a happy life.

The Heaven Luck is the luck we are born with. This luck doesn’t depend on us, we can not do anything to directly change it although feng shui teaches us how to improve it and balance it with the other lucks. The Heaven Luck is the one which affects us the most, it affects about a 40 percent of our lives and our happiness.

The Man Luck depends directly on us and our actions. It is what we do, choose and decide. The areas of our lives based on work, education, and the way we manage our relationships and our lives in general determine this aspect and the effect it will have on us. It is said to affect about a 25 per cent of our lives, which means that 25 percent of our success and happiness depends directly on our actions and decisions.

The Earth Luck is what feng shui manages and it can be directly improved by applying feng shui guidelines in our lives. Earth Luck is based on the balance and harmony of what surround us and our selves. The Earth Luck affects about a 35 per cent of our lives, and the same feng shui guidelines we use to improve it can help us harmonizing the three areas among themselves.

A person’s Heaven Luck is determined by his birth date and moment, and can be seen through a Chinese birth chart. Our Earth Luck and Man Luck could be improved through feng shui and maximize that way our Heaven Luck potential. Ideally, these three lucks should be in harmony with each other as well as each one separately in order for us to have a successful and happy life.