The Chung He Luo Pan In Chinese Culture

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The Chung He or Zhung He luo pan is one of the most known ones after the San Yuan and the San He luo pans. The chung he luo pan is a standard tool which combines the San Yuan luo pan and the San he luo pan. Actually, its name means combination in Chinese, and its due to this mixture of the other two luo pans.

Some feng shui practitioners wish to amalgamate the main and most traditional luo pans into one, and the Chung He luo pan allows them to do so. The Chung He luo pan allows practitioners to learn about the flying stars as well as to have land and direction information. Most of those who follow both of the feng shui schools, the San Yuan and the San he, use this compass as their main feng shui tool.

The Chung He luo pan has thirty six rings combining the three combinations feng shui School and the three cycles one. If you are looking for a compass of this type you should make sure it shows that feature. It is also advisable to make sure that it has a good needle which accurately aligns with the red line that is at the bottom of the Heaven Pool.

Every compass has a Tian Chi or Heaven Pool. This is the compass’ support and it should have its dots pointing to the Rat or 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º. The Heaven Pool of the Chung He luo pan is generally 8”6 in diameter. The luo pan sizes might vary between 2”8, 3”4, 4”2, 5”2, 6”2, 7”2, 8”6 and 1.6”, but most feng shui practitioners use the 8”6 one as their feng shui compass.

The Chung He luo pan has a weight of 1.5 kg or less. A quality compass shouldn’t weight more than that and it is something you should take into account at the time of looking for one. Ideally, you should learn about the main features of the compass you are looking for before you start shopping in order to know what to look and to ask for.