The Balance Of Feng Shui Fish & Water

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Water is a basic and very beneficial feng shui element, and the feng shui fish and water combination can produce many different successful outcomes. The water in which a feng shui fish based benefit is searched should be clean and preferable receive day light. A fish symbolizes prosperity in many different life areas.

The Chinese word “yu” is used to denominate fish and success at the same time. This way, the feng shui fish symbolism indicates that keeping a fish would attract and bring prosperity to you. According to feng shui, having a fish in clear water would highly help you reaching the achievements you wish.

Besides, the combination of the elements brought by clear water and fish produce other favorable effects as well. The feng shui fish water should be disposed in a way such that it allows the fish to live freely and as much like in a natural habitat as possible; this would add to the elements balance which effects could be seen in the surrounding space equilibrium.

Feng shui fish water is good by its own properties as well as by the effects the fish would have on it. The fish would help the water having movement and it would add beauty to it through its colors and life as well. Beauty and natural life balance are very important concepts for feng shui, and the search for harmony within elements should always have those concepts in mind as well.

The number, kind and color of fish can determine different effects on those keeping them. Having three fish would maximize the “yang” or energy of the space surrounding them. Two goldfish and one black would achieve a good balance, since goldfish symbolizes energy and good fortune and the black fish symbolizes protection.

Goldfish are very important feng shui fish. This fish traditionally symbolizes baby dragons, making them creators of good luck and good outcomes in any new enterprise you wish to start. As an example, a water container round shaped with goldfish in it would be ideal to place at the entrance of an opening business place.