The Bagua Map Area Of Skills & Knowledge

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According to the bagua map, the skills and knowledge area can be found at the south west direction of every house or environment. This area corresponds to life aspects such as learning, gaining knowledge and being wise. Therefore, if you wish to improve yourself in any of these life aspects, this is the house area you should enhance and balance.

In order to improve your skills and knowledge life area, the first thing you should do is find out which room or space within your house is at the south west. Once you have discovered the exact area on which this life area depends, you can start balancing and enhancing it harmony as a whole by placing the right elements and objects in it.

The skills and knowledge bagua area can be very helpful for many different purposes, since many life situations require us to gain knowledge and wisdom in order to solve them and let us achieve our goals. Whenever you need to become a wiser person or learn new things this is the area you should pay attention to.

This is the area you should harmonize if you are studying and wish to learn as much as possible and receive good grades. Also, if you wish to improve your career life or be better at businesses, this is the area you should enhance as well. This area can even help you improving love and relationship problems by allowing you to gain knowledge about them and how to overcome the problems.

The elements which should never be missing from this area are water and earth. Ideally, you should place objects which symbolize, contain or are made of water and earth, such as fountains, ceramics or stones. Besides, you can place pictures showing water and earth, or objects which show them or have them painted. A great object to add to this area would be, for example, a painting or picture of water in a ceramic frame. You can also enhance the balance and harmonize this area by using colors which symbolize these elements and which are blue, black, green and terracotta shades.