The Bagua Map Area Of Relationship & Love

couple, viewpoint, city-1845108.jpg

The bagua map area, which corresponds to relationships and love, matches the north east portion of every environment. Therefore, if you wish to work on this area and balance it, you should find it at the room or space which is placed towards the north east direction of your house.

This house area is where you should focus your attention whenever you feel like your love and relationship life area should be improved. If this bagua map area contains unbalanced elements and lacks harmony, this will directly affect your relationships and love life.

If you are in a relationship which doesn’t seem to work as it should or you are having problems for understanding each other, this might be fixed by placing the correct elements within its correspondent bagua map area. Also, if you are alone and wishing to find someone or you are wishing that someone pays attention to you, this is the area you should harmonize as well. This area not only corresponds to everything that is related to love, but also to relationships in general.

There are some specific objects which you should use in order to balance and harmonize this house area. First of all, you should place pairs of objects rather than single ones. If you keep one of each objects this will symbolize loneliness and will become and obstacle for your love life; but if you place two objects alike, this will symbolize couples and love. Also, pictures of you and the other person would be a great addition to this bagua map area.

The main elements of this area and which should never miss are earth and fire. If you wish your love life and relationships in general to work, you should keep objects that contain or symbolize these elements. Another great way to add these elements is through the colors that represent them which are white, red and all earth shades. Besides these two main elements, color pink should also be added to this bagua map area due to its love symbolism.