The Bagua Map Area Of Prosperity

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The bagua map area corresponding to prosperity can be found at the northwest of the house or any other environment. This space is the one which you should pay attention to and balance correctly in order to attract prosperity into your house and your life as well as in order to maintain it.

By properly balancing the elements within this bagua map area, you will not only be able to increase the amount of money which enters your house, but also become more satisfied with it. Prosperity is not only about how much money we perceive, but also about the way we feel about that amount. Everything depends on the point of view from which we see it, and therefore, it depends on us the way we feel about what we have and how prosperous we are.

Whenever you need a specific amount of money or to have money for something punctual, you should improve the prosperity bagua area of your house. This area can also help you spending less money. If you feel like you are spending too much money and loosing control of it, you should pay attention to this area of your house.

One great way of improving your prosperity through its bagua map area is by placing a symbolic object in it. There are several feng shui lucky charms and objects specifically indicated for attracting wealth and improving prosperity, and placing any of them in the correct prosperity house spot would directly affect your money income. Among the prosperity lucky charms and objects you might be able to find, there are the three feng shui coins tied with a red ribbon, wealth vases, lucky cats, sailing ships, and gold ingots among many others.

The main elements of this area are wood and water. Therefore, it is indispensable that you have these elements within your house’s prosperity area, symbolically or by placing objects that contain these elements. Besides, your prosperity house area should also be clean and tidy. It should also contain some purple, red, green or blue colors since these colors represent this area’s elements.