The Bagua Map Area Of Helpful People & Travel

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The area which corresponds to helpful people and travel in the bagua map is at the south east direction of every space. This bagua map area is correlated with life situations which imply traveling, meeting new contacts, and having friends and people who might help you solving problems when you need it.

You should always maintain this bagua area harmonized in order to make sure you will have access to helpful people whenever you might need them. We never know when we will need a helpful hand and therefore it is advisable to keep this area continually balanced in order to know that whenever we might need such help we will be able to count on it.

If you travel often, you should pay special attention to this area since it would be very helpful to you keeping it balanced. If you are about to move to a new house or a new city you should also make sure this area of your actual house contains the proper elements in order to avoid finding obstacles or problems which might appear due to a lack of balance.

Also, this area might be very helpful about everything related to having more energy and strength to do things and achieve goals. If you feel like it is very hard for you to achieve what you wish or you need people to help you achieving it but they don’t, you should harmonize this bagua area. Keeping this area harmonized will allow you to find the help you need at the moment you need it, whatever the situation is and whatever you need them for. On the other hand, if this area is unbalanced, it might be very hard for you to find the right people when you need them.

In order to harmonize this bagua map area properly, you should make sure it contains metal and water since those are its main elements. You can place any object or ornament which contains or is made of these elements. The colors which represent metal are all gray shades, and the colors of water are blue and black; by painting this area in these colors you would be adding these elements as well.