The Bagua Map Area Of Career

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According to the baga map, the area which corresponds to career is at the south direction of your house. This area also concerns to the life paths you take and choose and the way your life as a whole develops. Therefore, this area affects your professional life and your life in general.

Career opportunities and success are highly impacted by this bagua area. If this part of your house is balanced and in harmony, you will be able to achieve your career goals and receive the opportunities you wish at the right moment. On the other hand, if this house area is unbalanced, you might find it very difficult to give the next step in your career and profession or to reach the goals you wish.

If you are looking for a job, especially if it is becoming difficult to find one, then you should balance this area’s elements. If you already have a job but you are not really happy with it and wish to move on, harmonizing the elements within this area would help you achieving it. Also, if you own a business and wish to have more clients or become more successful, you should make sure this part of the house contains the proper objects as well.

Whenever you feel like your life is not on the right path or you are not doing what you would like to, that might be influenced by a lack of harmony in your house career area. Whether it is a money related path or your path relating to any other life aspect, this house spot has great impact on the way they flow.

The main element of the bagua map career area is water, and the secondary is metal. Therefore, if your career area lacks the element water, you should add it by placing a water fountain or any object which symbolizes or represents it. Ideally, you should add metal as well as water in order to achieve the proper balance and harmonize this area as much as possible. If you wish to use symbolic colors, you should use black, blue and gray.