Sheng Chi: Improve Prosperity & Wealth

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Sheng chi is one of the four favorable eight mansions formula directions. It corresponds to wealth and prosperity as well as protects fame and good reputation. Therefore, it is ideal not only for improving our personal income but also for achieving our career and fame goals.

As with every eight mansions formula directions, they help you improving the wished area by telling you the most favorable direction for you to develop any activities related to it. In order to be able to follow its indications, you must discover your direction according to your personal kua number. Once you know your kua number, you can discover which specific direction corresponds to your favorable shen chi.

If your kua number is 1, your sheng chi direction is southeast. Therefore, if this is your case, you should choose this area of the room or the house to any wealth and fame related activity. If your kua number is 2, your wealth direction is northeast and this is the sector which your attention should be centered at the time of looking for prosperity or fame achievements.

On the other hand, if your kua number is 3, your wealth favorable direction is south and this is the area where you should practice any related activity. If your kua number is four, your sheng chi direction is north and that is the most favorable sector for you to improve your income and fame. If your kua number is 5 and you are a male, your prosperity direction is northeast, and if you are a female your direction is southwest.

Those whose kua number is 6 and wish to improve their fame or prosperity, should pay special attention to the west direction, while those whose number is 7 should focus on the northwest area. The last two kua numbers are 8 and 9; if yours is 8 your wealth favorable direction is southwest, and if your number is 9 your direction is east.

It is also recommendable that you create the proper balance and harmony within your wealth favorable area by adding its main element. In order to be able to do this, you must discover where your area is placed in the bagua map. Once you know that, you should place an object containing the element which the bagua map indicates for that specific area.