Raising Children According To Feng Shui Guidelines

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Feng shui can help you and give you useful guidelines for raising your children. Whether you are having problems raising them or just want to improve your relationship, you may find the solution through the application of feng shui principles. These principles can help you raising your children as well as achieving a lost balance between you and them.

The main way in which feng shui relates to raising children is through the bagua map and the area it shows as corresponding to children and creativity. This children and creativity bagua area is located at the east of your house, in such a way that if you stand at your front door facing inside, it would be at your right and by the middle of the house.

The children area symbolized in the bagua map should contain specific elements and decoration in order for you to raise your children in the best way possible as well as providing them with a most beneficial and balanced environment. According to this, a first element that this area of your house should contain is metal. In order to create the proper balance, you should place metal objects in this zone, ideally metal frames containing pictures of your children.

Another important thing that this children’s house area should contain is color white. This color symbolizes metal, and therefore is indicated for this part of the house. You can add white color in the walls or in objects. But be careful, it doesn’t mean that everything should be in white, just that some of that color should appear in the area. If you had all in this color it would make this space unbalanced as well as visually unattractive.

The objects you place in the children house area and their shapes are as well important as the elements mentioned above. You should place round shaped objects rather than edgy ones. For example, if you are wishing to place a clock in this zone, it should be round shaped and not squared. Besides, you should also try to place fun and creative objects as well; this would maintain your children’s creativity as well as it would help you maximizing yours.