Pi You: Protection & Security In Feng Shui

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Pi You is a friendly Chinese and feng shui item which provides protection and security. It is a very usual item in the oriental world and it can be very often seen in many houses, businesses or buildings in general. It is a very important and valued Chinese symbol which helps house and businesses owners to protect their spaces and keep them safe.

According to the oriental culture traditions, the Pi You protects every kind of house and inhabitants in a friendly way. It looks nice and agreeable, and it is said it sends bad energy away in a kind way. If you wish to buy one of these lucky charms, you will easily find one in any oriental or feng shui related shop.

It is said that Pi You was sent from Heaven in order to provide protection against the bad energies of the Earth. Chinese traditions say that Heaven sent Pi You to the Earth in order to protect its inhabitants from the lost of balance created by Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter.

A Pi You is a great acquisition for all those who just moved or are planning to move to a new house in which bad energy becomes evident through the appearance of problems. In these cases, a Pi You wouldn’t allow this bad energy to harm your house or you and wouldn’t allow it to provoke more problems.

Also, if the house in which you already live starts causing you many problems due to a lost of energy balance, Pi You would help you as well and assist you on finishing with such new obstacles which appear in the space where you live. Pi Yu would help you overcoming problems caused by bad energy wherever they appear, whether it happens in your business, office, or any other space.

The ideal place for a Pi You statue to be is near the entrance door where it can have direct control over the energy which enters the house. It can also be a great item to be carried as a lucky charm in order to receive its protection wherever you go since it would help you keeping safe while being outside your house.