Neolithic Feng Shui

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The practice of feng shui is believed to have started six thousand years ago in the Neolithic times. This way, and according to some discoveries which back up this affirmation, feng shui can be placed among the most ancient practices of not only China but the entire world as well. Since those times, it has been carried from one generation to another as well as it has been acquiring new knowledge while deepening the already existing one.

Feng shui can be said to date from the Neolithic times due to the fact that a gravesite from that date was found containing clear feng shui elements. This gravesite was discovered facing north and it had a picture of a dragon on its east side and a picture of a tiger on the west, all of them feng shui symbolic elements which were in accordance to a clear study of the environment in which it was and the land forms of the surroundings.

This gravesite which was discovered in the Chinese province of Henan, dating from the Neolithic times, also contained representations of creatures and symbols which indicate the application of feng shui notions. Among these representations, it had the Big Dipper in its center and the Four Celestial Palaces around it.

The Four Celestial Palaces, as they were found in this Neolithic gravesite, are four macro constellations containing seven constellations each and which together are the twenty eight constellations of the Chinese zodiac. These Four Celestial Palaces are similarly used and followed today as they were discovered in this Neolithic gravesite, and are another reason which allows experts to affirm that this gravesite had a clear application of feng shui notions similar to those we handle these days.

The four macro constellations which were found in the Chinese Neolithic gravesite are the red bird which belongs to the south, the blue dragon of east, the white tiger of west, and the black turtle of north. It is said that these four Celestial Palaces came to the earth representing land forms and all those elements which feng shui handles in order to harmonize an environment.