Mandalas & Hindu Guide To Balancing Your Space

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A mandala is a Hindu diagram that provides information regarding how to design and balance a building or space. This diagram is based on Vaastu principles and its five elements: earth, air, water, fire and ether. Vaastu and feng shui have a point in common regarding their view of the main elements; they both look for balancing ht elements within an environment in order to create harmony and ring prosperity to the people who live in it.

There is not one unique mandala but there are many different ones since they are done according to each particular building and the people inhabiting it. Many calculations, some of them very complex, have to be done in order to have the right mandala for a specific environment. These calculations are based on many different parameters which may include numerical values of people’s names, birth chart estimations and astrological calculations among others.

Unlike feng shui, vaastu has a direct relation with religion, and this can be seen reflected in mandalas as well as in most vaastu aspects. Mandalas contain gods that are placed according to the numbers given by the calculations. These different gods would help people improving specific life aspects according to the house orientation where they are.

Mandalas provide guidelines on how to manage the different elements in order to balance them. Besides, according to vaastu, the five main elements are connected with our five senses: ether is connected to hearing, fire to sight, water to taste, air to touch, and earth to smell. These connections and the way each element affect each one of our senses must be taken into account when looking for the proper balance in a specific environment.

Some general guidelines can be given according to vaastu and mandala principles. One of these guidelines tells that, ideally, a house should be built facing north or east. Mandalas are very important for the Hindu culture and can be reflected not only in its architecture but in its whole life style. People draw and follow mandalas’ information as guidance for the different aspects and moments of their lives.