Luo Shu & The Giant Turtle

tortoise, water turtle, reptile-3707916.jpg

The feng shui luo shu is a nine grid square from which most of feng shui knowledge originates. According to the ancient Chinese culture, the first emperor of the Xia Dynasty found a giant tortoise which had this grid pattern in its shell. It had a 3 for 3 grid pattern containing dots that symbolized each number from 1 to 9.

This grid pattern contains the numbers going from 1 to 9 in such a way that every line adds 15. It is a meaningful number since the Chinese solar year has 24 cycles of 15 days each. On the other hand, according to the time dimensions Chinese system, there are 9 ages of 20 years each and every 3 years it counts a period. Again, here we can see the significance of the 9 grid tortoise pattern.

Besides, other ancient cultures are also known to use similar number patterns. The ancient Hebrew culture would use a very similar square containing the same numbers on it. This for the Chinese was the luo shu, also known as the square of the Earth for the ancient Hebrew culture.

The flying starsĀ use this grid square for its calculations. This way, the luo shu and the flying stars guide feng shui and how to apply its principles according to each living or working space. The information provided by feng shui and luo shu can be very accurate and helpful when followed by someone who knows how to properly understand it.

Most serious and wise feng shui practitioners and followers constantly use luo shu based knowledge. It allows the most accurate calculations and indications regarding spaces and buildings of any kind, and allows applying feng shui guidelines according to it. The more accurate the information we receive regarding our home or working space, the more harmony we will be able to achieve through feng shui.

When used properly, the luo shu can be a great feng shui tool, which allows receiving very accurate and important information regarding any building. It can guide us on how to distribute the main elements betterĀ and achieve the right balance and harmony in any working or living space.