Lucky Charms & Improving Your Earth Luck

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Your earth luck depends on the elements balance and harmony in order to be positive. This luck is the one which feng shui guidelines can help you improving as well as maximizing its benefits. Lucky charms are feng shui luck amulets which have a direct action on your earth luck and life balance.

These lucky charms or amulets are decorative objects at the same time than good luck attractors. By carrying them with you, you would be maximizing your personal good luck as well as balancing different life areas depending on which object it is. You should choose your lucky charm according to the elements it contains as well as by what it represents. Carrying a lucky charm that contains your personal element would be one of the ways to improve your personal good luck.

Lucky charms are also good for improving the good luck within a house or office. By placing them at any wished space, they would benefit all those who inhabit it. You can also place the strategically according to the bagua map indications in order to make them help balancing the elements within the room.

There is a big amount of lucky charms allowing you to choose the most suitable one according to the goals you wish to reach by using it. If, for example, you wish to protect your health and attract longevity along with good luck, a wo lou or gourd lucky charm would be ideal. On the other hand, if you wish to maximize the lucky charm good luck attraction and improve your personal power, a dragon amulet would be perfect for that.

If you are looking for protecting and improving your income, a coin lucky charm would be ideal. Three coins tied with a red ribbon would highly attract prosperity and wealth as well as good luck. Besides, this lucky charm would also be ideal for being placed at a metal house area, such as the northwest. When placing a lucky charm in your house, you should always pay attention to the elements it contains and choose the place for it in order to create balance among elements. This would bring you not only good luck and the benefits provided by that object but also highly improve your earth luck.