Liu Hai & The Three Legged Toad

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Liu Hai is a very important Chinese god which represents prosperity and wealth. It was a Minister and an alchemist in China in the 10th century who became friend of a three legged toad. The three legged toad is part of the Liu Hai symbol and always accompanies him in any depicture.

According to the story, the three legged toad and Liu Hai became great friends, the toad was Liu Hai’s pet and he had it next to him every where he would go. If the toad went to a well, Liu Hai had to make him come out with a gold coin. This way, Liu Hai, the three legged toad and gold coins became part of one same picture in Chinese traditions.

Pictures and symbols representing Liu Hai often show him standing on the toad and playing with gold coins within his hands. His general appearance is of happiness and friendliness, and a statue of him with the three legged toad is a very powerful amulet for attracting prosperity.

According to ancient Chinese traditions and feng shui, placing a Liu Hai in your house or office would highly improve the income and prosperity within that space. Any inhabitant of a house or working environment where a Liu Hai is placed will be benefited by his magic.

Besides attracting prosperity and a major income, Liu Hai would also protect the already existing ones. By having a Liu Hai in your house, you would be assuring yourself of being always prosper and able to count on a steady income. Therefore, if you are happy with your house prosperity, a Liu Hai can still be helpful to you.

The ideal place for you to have a Liu Hai in your house is in the living room. Just like other wealth and prosperity amulets, Liu Hai must be near the entrance door in order to be able to attract prosperity from outside to the interior of the house. This way, Liu Hai would be able to attract wealth at the same time than protecting you from loosing money or income stability.