Knowing How To Place Cannons Or Arrows In Feng Shui

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According to feng shui guidelines, cannons and arrows can be very harmful for health as well as for all life areas depending on where and how they are placed. Therefore, if you keep any feng shui or miniature cannons, it is very important to pay attention to where they are placed.

Not only the spot in which cannons or arrows are placed is important, but also in which direction they point might have a high impact in the environment and its inhabitants. Whenever cannons or arrows in general are placed pointing towards its owners, this would cause them to have health problems as well as obstacles in many other areas of their lives.

If a person spends time sitting in a place towards which there are cannons or arrows pointing, he could see his health damaged by it. For example, if these kind of poisoning arrows are pointing towards the place where people sits to it, it could cause them digestive problems, or, if these objects are pointing towards an office desk, the person who works sitting at it could find obstacles in his work or career.

On the other hand, when placed correctly, feng shui cannons help their owners fight any kinds of evils which might try to enter the house. In order to achieve this effect, cannons should be placed pointing the main door of the house or any other space in which bad forces need to be repelled.

Therefore, if you acquire miniature cannons wishing to enhance your home symbolic protection by following feng shui guidelines, you must pay special attention to where you place them. They should always be placed pointing towards the main door but at the same time they should not point towards a chair, sofa, or any other place where people spends time.

Feng shui cannons can be very helpful or damaging and it depends on the use people makes of them which one of these effects it will cause them. This way, it is very important to learn how to properly use them and place them before taking them into the house or any other environment in which they will be.