Kei Loon: The Heaven Creature In Feng Shui

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The Infinite Kei Loon is said to be a Heaven sent creature which was originally created in order to protect the son of god. Some traditions call it the Chinese unicorn and say that it came from a river carrying a Taoism symbol on its back. This way, the Infinite Kei Loon is almost a sacred creature which has had a very important function to carry from the moment in which it was sent to the Earth.

According to the oriental cultures, this Heaven creature protects houses and businesses while people are not in them. This way, it specializes in helping owners to watch over their homes or businesses while they are away. This way, many feng shui practitioners use this Chinese symbolic item according to its powers and the traditions it represents.

If you’re going on vacations and have to let the house alone, the Infinite Kei Loon would be an ideal item to place into the house. Also, if you travel frequently or are frequently away from your house, the Infinite Kei Loon is a great feng shui item for you to acquire and keep in the spaces which remain empty while you are gone.

The Infinite Kei Loon would protect you and your home from any person who might come with the intention of causing you harm, whether you are in the house or not. Even if you do not leave the house for a long time, having an Infinite Kei Loon would still be helpful for protecting the house while you go out for even a few hours. Besides than protecting homes and businesses while their owners leave them alone, this creature also helps them protecting those spaces while their owners are in them as well.

The ideal place for an Infinite Kei Loon to be placed is in front of the house or business’ front door. Whether it is right next to the front door or near it, it is very important that the Infinite Kei Loon faces towards the door and not towards the house. By facing towards the exterior of the house or business, this creature can do its work and maintain harmful people and bad energy away from it while you are gone.