Is Feng Shui Based On Superstition?

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Often people wonder if feng shui is based on superstition and we would like to try to answer that. A superstition is a belief followed or accepted without having to use the reason for it. Therefore, in order to be a superstition feng shui would have to be a belief not based in logic, which is not truth. We can say that feng shui is clearly not based on mere superstition.

Feng shui is actually based on physics and proven facts. It is based on five main elements, water, wood, earth, fire and metal and the way their balance affect human beings and everything else surrounding them through their energy. Energy, as it is a scientific fact, is present and can be found in everything, and the way this energy travels and affects living beings and other objects depends on the balance they have with each other, which is what feng shui is based on.

Besides, the effects of applying feng shui principles to an environment of any kind can be seen and felt. If it was a superstition, there wouldn’t be any way of proving it has an effect, and we can see the effect feng shui has on us. By balancing and harmonizing our environment we can see the effects reflected in each one of our life areas. If we have an area of our life which needs attention, we can follow feng shui guidelines for improving it and, if done properly, we will soon see the effects.

Actually, feng shui roots can be found about 3000 years ago in ancient China, which makes it count on an incredible amount of accumulated knowledge. It was born and originated from the observance of natural laws and element’s interactions. As you can see, feng shui’s origins were based on proven facts and observations.

The effects of feng shui can be felt and seen in our every day lives. If we follow feng shui guidelines and properly apply them in our house, we will clearly see its effects reflected in us as well as in every other person inhabiting it. Feng shui is a great help based on facts that allows us improving our life quality in general.