How To Use Feng Shui In Gambling

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Random luck which doesn’t depend on us plays a main role in gambling, but we still can do some things in order to attract good luck to us. Feng shui gives us some very helpful guidelines which we surely should take into account at the time of gambling and wishing to increase our good luck.

According to feng shui principles, the place or spot you choose for playing a game can have a huge influence in the game outcome. Chi, or positive energy, flows with more intensity in some places than it does in others and these spots where chi influence is bigger can be of strategic importance for a gambler’s good luck.

Any gambler wishing to follow feng shui guidelines should find out which spots are the most attractive for chi and choose that spot for standing or sitting during the game. This would allow positive energy brought by chi to positively influence his luck helping him to win.

The same guidelines should be followed by online gamblers. In these cases, they should pay attention to the spot where their computers are. A gambler who plays through his computer should pick up a place in his house where chi flows freely in order to allow it helping him winning. Besides, you should also consider that computers manage an important amount of energy, and therefore, by placing them at a positive spot you would be highly increasing your positive energy and attracting good luck.

One ideal spot for attracting good luck is in the room’s west side. This is a point particularly good for any gambling and money related matters. No matter in what room you are, if elements are balanced and chi flows freely, you could highly help your good luck by choosing that part of the room for your gambling.

Another important feng shui tip that any gambler should have into account is that they should not be next to a window or a door. These are places where chi tends to become disperse and leave the room, and that wouldn’t be helpful for the gambler’s good luck. On the other hand, being in a position such that allows the gambler to see the door can be helpful for a positive game outcome.