How To Use Feng Shui Coins To Increase Your Income

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Feng shui coins can allow you, among other things, to increase your income. By keeping three coins tied with a read thread, you would protect your already existing income as well as increase it. According to Chinese traditions, three coins tied that way symbolize prosperity and income protection.

By carrying these three tied coins with yourself you could attract personal wealth, as well as by using these feng shui coins in your house would bring prosperity and wealth for all its occupants. Number three symbolizes heaven, man and earth united, and it is a lucky number as well.

Carrying them with you would also attract helpful people to you and receive help when you need it. You can also give feng shui coins to those you love as a present; it would be a symbolic, creative and helpful gift to give. You can combine the coins representation with different numbers symbolism, achieving this way, different desired effects.

According to feng shui specifications, the best house area for placing feng shui coins is the northwest. According to the bagua map, the northwest of any space corresponds to the prosperity life area, and therefore, placing feng shui coins there would be very helpful and beneficial. You can also use them in order to protect or increase the income at a business by placing these coins by the cash register or any other place containing money.

It is also important to know where your feng shui coins come from, since they would also contain energy of the place or people who had them before. The best place where to acquire these coins is at a very prosperous or wealthy place. This way, your feng shui coins benefits and their positive effect on you would be maximized.

You can also use feng shui coins according to its main element, metal. When any spot at your house or working space lacks of metal element, placing these Chinese coins in it would be a great way to add that element and create harmony at the same time than protecting the incomes and maximizing the good luck.