How To Place Feng Shui Furniture

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The way you distribute and place the furniture in your house or any other space will directly affect the way the energy or chi flows in it. Therefore, feng shui furniture guidelines are one main thing you should consider at the time to harmonizing the energy of your living or working space.

By wrongly placing furniture, you may interrupt or block the Chi flow. That\’s why feng shui furniture guidelines are so important and you should learn about them before decorating any space. One first principle regarding feng shui furniture tells that you should leave space for the energy to flow and not place a lot of chairs, tables, and furniture in general blocking its way.

Another important thing you can do according to feng shui furniture is leave a few inches of space between the furniture and the floor since that would help the Chi flow easier. Another important tip is that furniture such as chairs, couches, beds and tables should be disposed in a way that allows you to view the door from them.

Feng shui furniture should also have space from one to the other, which means that if you have a table and a couch, they should have about three feet of distance between them. This also allows chi move freely and travel around the space without furniture conjunctions obstructing it.

Accessories in general, such as pictures or paintings should be placed at the eye level as well as following the general feng shui furniture guidelines. Besides this, you should always try to place paintings above a piece of furniture in order to maintain the balance, especially when they are big, and mainly due to esthetic reasons.

Besides the tips described above, you should also consider the elements which your furniture contain and represent in order to place them following as many feng shui furniture principles as possible. You should find out how the elements may affect the Chi of the space where your furniture will be and place them according to that. You should also take into account that feng shui furniture will not only affect chi and the elements but also the comfort of those who will use them.