How To Have A Wedding Harmonized By Feng Shui

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As the important day it is, your wedding day should be as special as possible. Every wedding is unique and should have the personal touch of who celebrate it, but there are some aspects that most weddings tend to have in common and which should be as perfect as possible. In order to achieve this, there are some feng shui guidelines that will help you with the harmony and balance of the ceremony as well as with the reception.

First of all, you should pay special attention to your wedding dress color. According to feng shui, a color representing the element earth, such as very light beige or a cream color, would attract good luck and therefore would be ideal for your dress. Besides this, feng shui also recommends to wear or carry something red. Red is the color of happiness, and you would be attracting it by wearing at least one small detail in that color.

Then, you should also take into account the date you choose. Ideally, your wedding date should contain the numbers 8 or 9, or its digits should add one of those numbers. According to feng shui and ancient Chinese traditions, the number 8 is very auspicious for love, and number 9 implies eternity. The most ideal date would be an 18th, since it would contain both numbers, but also a 17th, a 26th, a 27th, an 8th or a 9th would be very auspicious dates.

Once you have chosen the place for your wedding reception, you should follow the guidelines that the bagua map would indicate for it. In order to do this, you should stand at the place’s front door and locate each one of the areas represented in the bagua map to its correspondent area in that space. Then, you should harmonize each one of the bagua map areas according to the elements, colors and objects it should contain. Besides, you should make sure chi can flow freely through all the place, having space between furniture and objects to circulate.

There are some things you should have into account regarding the decoration of the reception place as well. First of all, there should not be any dark spots or corners or this would become an obstacle for chi or life energy to flow freely. Therefore, if this happens you should place a plant by it or a light towards it. The tables’ shape is very important as well. You should try to avoid square or rectangular tables, since edges and cutting shapes attract conflict and problems. Instead, you should choose round or oval tables; they would add harmony to the environment and the people in it.