How To Fung Shui Your Bedroom

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There are some feng shui bedroom tips that can help you maximize the use of the energy and qualities that this space of your house can give you. Whether you are going to design your bedroom from zero or you just want to redesign and re-arrange it, these feng shui bedroom tips might be very useful to you.

The first feng shui bedroom tip you should take into account is your bedroom’s position in relation with the rest of your house according to the bagua or house map. These will allow you to manage your bedroom and its elements according to the role it has within the rest of the house.

The place where your bed is situated is very important. Feng shui bedroom knowledge teaches that the bed shouldn’t be placed directly across the bedroom’s door since the bad energies which may move through would be able to go directly to it. If you have no other choice than placing the bed across the door, you should place something between them in order to disperse the bad energy effects.

Another feng shui bedroom tip teaches that you should try to use pastel water and metal colors which would help you relaxing and sleeping rather than strong colors. The location your bedroom has within your house should be taken into account when choosing colors as well, if your bedroom is placed in the children and creativity area of the house should have different colors than if it is placed in the career one.

You should also have some plants in order to achieve feng shui bedroom harmony, but they should always be live plants and not dried ones. The best area to place them is on the health area of your bedroom which is near the middle; this would help you with your health energy.

If you have a mirror, it should not reflect the door or the window since it would reflect the energy or chi away. If you have a low ceiling, a good feng shui bedroom tip is that you place a mirror facing it in order to not let its energy push down on you. This mirror should be placed as high as possible in order to stop the ceiling negative effects before they reach you.