How To Create The Perfect Feng Shui Living Room

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There are some basic things you can do in order to create a feng shui harmonized living room. If you wish to achieve a feng shui living room by yourself without the guidance of an expert, you should read and apply the information that we will provide through the next paragraphs.

A first important thing to evaluate is the chairs and couches position. Ideally, they should be facing the door, or at least never with their backs towards it. People who are in feng shui living rooms should always be able to see the door from where they are sitting without having to turn for it. Seats should also be placed following a octagonal or circular shape.

Corners or dark areas should be lightening up through the use or combination of clear colors, plants, mirrors or light. That would attract chi to them which otherwise wouldn\’t flow through those areas. It is important that chi is able to flow through all the living room space, among the furniture and in the corners as well.

The television or any other metal based objects should not have a central position in your feng shui living room. A fireplace would be an ideal element to have as room center and, in case you have it, you should place the furniture based on where it is placed. It is important that the living room should invite people to have good conversation and should make them feel comfortable and relaxed in it.

Mirrors are an important element to have into account in a feng shui living room. A mirror strategically placed can have many advantages; it can bring more light to a specific spot or reflect a symbolic element in it. It can also make the room look wider and can be used to reflect the door allowing to see it from a chosen spot.

The feng shui living room\’s main table should be tidy and invite people to sit at it. Besides, this table symbolizes health and therefore it should be clean and neat. Placing natural flowers or plants on it would also be good for the health of the people who sits at it.