How To Create & Maintain A Feng Shui Garden

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If you want a feng shui garden but do not think you can do it without someone else’s help, you should read this article and find out that you can do it by yourself. A feng shui garden can be defined as a garden in which feng shui principles are applied, therefore, by knowing those principles and how to put them into practice, you can easily create the feng shui garden you wish.

One first thing you should take into account at the time of creating your feng shui garden is the place your garden occupies within the rest of the house. You should look at the bagua in order to place your garden in relation with the map and find out its position in it. According to that, then you can use the information regarding to that exact position in order to develop your feng shui garden in harmony with the rest of the house.

You should also learn about feng shui elements in order to use them in a balanced way throughout your feng shui garden. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, water and metal, and they should be in balance according to the place the garden has according to the rest of the house as well as according to the bagua map applied to the garden itself.

According to what the bagua tells you about your feng shui garden, you might need to balance the different elements. In order to achieve this, you should know which things to employ to add more of each one of the elements. Water is mainly represented by undulating forms and glass, while wood is represented by wooden objects and rectangular or columnar objects. Color red and triangular shaped objects represent fire while tiles and ceramics would add earth. And metal, the last element remaining, is represented by round objects and color white.

Using these five elements according to the bagua map would allow you to create a feng shui garden which is harmonic and balanced, not only within itself but with the rest of your house as well. Sometimes what you need to do is to re-arrange the existing elements in your garden, and sometimes create it from zero, but either way you can achieve a feng shui garden yourself by just following the main feng shui principles.