How To Attract Positive Chi With Crystal Singing Bowls

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Singing bowls are used to attract positive chi into homes, offices and environments in general. On the other hand, crystal is a chi cleansing element, and therefore, the combination of it with the powers of singing bowls turn into objects very efficient at the time of clearing bad chi and attracting positive one.

Therefore, crystal singing bowls are ideal for being placed at spots in which chi doesn’t flow or which lack of light and yin energy. By placing a crystal singing bowl at such kind of spots, any negative chi which might have been causing problems to the environment would be repelled at the same time than positive energy would be attracted.

Crystal singing bowls represent yin forces. Whenever a space doesn’t receive much sun light and is too dark or cold, this means it contains too much yang energy and must be balanced by receiving more yin. Placing crystal singing bowls in those places is ideal in order to achieve the desired balance between yin and yang.

Besides, it is also important to take into account the elements which crystal contains since this can be also used in order to achieve the proper harmony within the main elements of an environment. Crystal contains earth due to its roots as well as it symbolizes water and metal due to its aspect. Therefore, it is also important to know that whenever we are placing a crystal singing bowl in a strategic spot, we are also symbolically adding these elements to it.

The main element which crystal singing bowls contain is earth. This way, these objects can be used in the bagua map areas in which the element earth is needed as well as in any other spot or situation in which such element might be needed according to feng shui guidelines. Besides achieving harmony between yin and yang and among the main elements, a crystal singing bowl would also be a very decorative object which you can chose according to your personal taste and let it show your personality while it purifies the environment and attracts positive chi to it.